Gra Nomad Wanderings

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This bloke, Owen Cooper, is one of the happiest blokes around. We were privileged to have Owen and his bro Logan and their Mum, Deb (our daughter) come and visit. Our first visitors here down the south coast.

Think Logan gets his sweet tooth from his mother and also from me.

The boys sure enjoy a bath. This little bloke is 11 months old. His big bro is 2 yrs and 8 months old. What was amazing is that our house handled these two little guys. Yep, our place is REASONABLY kid-proof.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


As you can see, we squeze the avan in beside the house. Vehicles just make it into the garages! Wish Ian would come and do some gardening! We've been here for 10 days!

A few trophies found during reopening of the boxes: my plate and sugar bowl tennis trophies from 1957, (won 3 comps and B2 singles, mixed and mens doubles), the Ingleburn Cricket Club pewter won by my Dad, Jack, for winning the 1952-53 Batting and Bowling Aggregates.

The "deck" is shaping up now with my USA collection up on view. A good area to hand the wet washing. Been a fair bit of rain here but also in many places throughout NSW. Thanks Lord.
Another view of the back deck. That's the dining room window closest (on left).

The treasurer busy paying the bills via the internet. She does a great job. She is at the kitchen bench... well at least she was when this photo was taken.

The sound and games cupboard should get sorted out tonight. Looks like a burglar's been through the place.... well, parts of it. Does that black record (vinyl) look familiar? Ferrante and Teicher EXODUS, then Don Costa NEVER ON A SUNDAY, then F & T again with theme from THE APARTMENT, then MAGNIFICENT SEVEN etc. The LP is over 40 years old. Still going strong through our sound system. Now, how can we put these vinyl music onto CDs or DVDs?
If you can help, please get in touch!!!!! [Should be easy these days!]