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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Bob and I were great mates and deadly enemies. We played a heap of tennis while at Hurlstone Ag High. Always competitive. Nobody ever threw a set back in those days. (Think we have matching racquets!)

Me on the left, Jimmy Hayden (not Matty), Tim Roberts and Bob. Bob and I both had cricket keen dads which rubbed off. We were both batsmen! Why try and bowl if you're a batsman?

This shot may have been even earlier... maybe junior high school days. We were proud to represent the school.

As we became adults so we kept in touch. Bob became an engineer while I became a teacher. We used to share stuff on leadership and management and office skills etc.

We had some fun times together. Used to go out on double dates earlier on. Used to tell each other what we thought of the other bloke's girlfriend at the time. That can be dangerous.... especially if she becomes a wife!!! (After you've told him how hopeless she is!!)

Bob came to visit this September. Here he is doing some whipper snippering in our yard. Thanks Bob. He's always been a practical bugger. And he always buys "toys". He'd just bought this snipper down in Melbourne I believe. He actually come from Brissy. Hopefully he'll be back and will do a few more jobs round the house. If you want him to visit you.... just give me a yell. I can arrange that.

Friday, September 17, 2010


How about.... these guys come to visit their grandparents? Great idea!

Sure! says Coops.
Great weather certainly helped.
...and I didn't need a valium when they left!

Thursday, September 09, 2010


The three Bailey girls got together on the Gold Coast for a family gathering this week. They come from NSW South Coast, Cairns and Goulburn. So, it's kinda special when they all get together.

Unfortunately the senior member of the trio had considerable difficulty even getting out of the lift and did a few extra laps until the doors opened willingly and allowed her access to the appointed floor. She shows some embarrassment in the photo above as she finally departs from the lift!

Here's CONTESSA on Main at Main Beach. An ideal place to stay.
The view north from the 9th floor was pretty good. Can you see the duck having a swim in our pool? They also had indoor pool and spa, sauna and gym.

Andrew, Pamela, Bob Barrett and GK had a bash on the tennis court. Thanks for bringing the equipment Bob. It's always good to have a smack at tennis and remember that there are people our age who can't play any more.

Main Beach.... just a couple of blocks away. From here, it's a 30-40 minute walk to Surfers Paradise.

We were very pleased with our flights up and back with JETSTAR. Sure we didn't get any free drinks or tucker, but we got back in 1:20 to Sydney. Fay and Pat head south.... Cher was to head north a couple of days later.

The girls enjoyed the flight on the way south, while.....

GK took the opportunity to catch up on some zzzzzs.

Thanks Cher and David and Julie for the great winter break.

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