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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Sorry about that, but the photos don't link up with the heading. That's me all over! Fay has been complaining about that sort of behaviour now for 39 years. Meanwhile Fay and I are relaxing down the south coast of NSW at our lovely Retreat!
Logan Jack (grandson) is now over 4 months old. His great uncle Bill and great aunt Margaret (my brother and sister) gave LJ a bunny plate each. Do you remember them? I had one when I was a kid. Do you remember the picture at the bottom of your plate?
I do like the black and white of LJ on Fay's arm. That's how you get him to sleep!
Other photo is the church next door to where LJ lives. LJ's dad is the associate minister at the church there. That brings me to the question that Rodney is asking...
Just wanted to let you know about a post I've just published asking "Why do men hate church?" (
I spoke to my regular Wednesday morning guest, Ross Clifford, on my radio programme this morning about the subject and we referred to a great article by Sydney Anglicans about the lack of men in church. I'd appreciate your input in the comments of the post and I'd be extremely grateful if you chose to link to the post.
Thanks Rodney
Have a look at Rodney's blog.
No worries Rodney. Hope to be seeing you over the Easter break when we get to Perth over the other side of Australia.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wow... can I fit all this in?

Photo of burnt out area north of Dubbo this summer... near Mendooran. Not easy to photograph - results of fires.

Of course the photo of Deb and Brendan was taken at his ordination at St Andrews Church in Sydney on Saturday 3 Feb. We head to Logan Jack's baptism this Sunday, 18 Feb at Mortdale Anglican Church (oops, sorry, it's got another name, but I've forgotten.) That's in Sydney of course.

And then there's a shot of the number plates given to me recently by Doug from Washington. They are off his 1949 Cadillac! Wow! I met him last year on Vancouver Island at Comox (a neat town on Van Island)! Bro Bill plays quite a bit of golf with Doug's brother Dave. There's a whole tribe of them! Not a bad place that Vancouver Island - good cycling, golf even cricket!

Which reminds me.... how's your ODI team going?

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


[Photos above of Sir Don, "Church" and "Punter".]
It's all the fault of the Austn Cricket Association (or is it the Aust Broadcasting Commission?)
They are going to announce Aust's best One Day cricket team on 28 Feb. So I have issued a challenge to a bunch of cricket rels and buddies and asked them to come up with THEIR best team.
Well, it has certainly caused some problems. I don't expect Di in Adelaide, Jen or Julie in Ohio or Fabio in Brazil to join in, but maybe there are a few others who will have a go.
First Marg struck problems when she wanted to choose Bradman (I can hardly blame her.) I told her she couldn't have him or Nugget Miller or Norm O'Neill either. Those blokes never played ODIs for Aust (One Day International) because they hadn't been invented.
Then Irene from Wentworth abuses me! Reason: Dave couldn't sleep at night so he's up trying to work out his team. Irene finds him up in the middle of the night and wants to know why. When Dave tells her he's struggling trying to find an extra bowler for his team, Irene damn near flips her lid! So I get abused! Little old me, 6 hours drive away! She says, "Stop sending emails with cricket quizes and attachments Keasty!" in her Scottish brogue.
So, I apologise to any folk if I have caused problems with this project; that was not my intention. Sorry Reidy.

Meanwhile, the batsmen that will be in the running probably include: Bevo, AB, ChappellG, Clarke, Gilly, Haydos, Hussey, Jones, Lehmann, Punter, Reid, Symonds, MWaugh and SWaugh.
Bowlers will come from:
Bracken, Fleming, Kasper, Keast, Lee, Lillee, McDermott, the Pigeon, Rackeman and Warne.
Have I missed anyone?
I do have all the stats courtesy of Do you have a team you want to submit? (If you want me to, I can send you stats which will help and save you wandering round the house at night! Email me at

PS Congratulation England, you were too good for us. All the best for the World Cup in WI.


Friday, February 09, 2007


Read this in our daily devotions... thought you might like a read.

Author Steve Stephens offers these suggestions to help build and maintain a happy relationship:

  • start each day with a kiss

  • always wear your wedding ring

  • go on regular dates

  • accept your differences

  • be polite

  • be gentle

  • give little gifts

  • smile often

  • touch

  • talk about your dreams

  • adopt a song as "your song"

  • laugh together

  • send cards for no reason

  • do what your partner wants before they ask

  • and learn to listen to what's not being said

  • encourage one another

  • do it his or her way
  • compliment one another daily

  • call during the day

  • slow down

  • hold hands

  • cuddle

  • ask for your spouse's opinion

  • be respectful

  • always welcome your spouse when he/she comes home

  • make an effort to always look your best

  • wink at each other

  • celebrate special events

  • learn to apologise

  • forgive quickly

  • set up regular romantic getaways

  • ask "What can I do to make you happier?"

  • be positive

  • be kind

  • be vulnerable

  • respond quickly to your spouse's requests

  • talk about your love

  • reminisce about favourite times together

  • treat each other's friends and relatives with courtesy

  • send flowers on Valentine's Day and anniversaries

  • when you're wrong, admit it

  • be sensitive to your spouse's sexual needs

  • watch sunsets together - see above picture

  • say "I love you" often

  • never go to sleep angry

  • end every day with a hug
  • get professional help when you need it

  • and above all, pray daily for (and with) each other

Can you think of a few he's missed?

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well, the Mongoose IBOC Road was 11 years old this Australia Day. So, on 1 Feb 2007 it was replaced by a BH carbon fibre roadbike with Ultegra components. It sure looks cool!

I bought it from TWO WHEEL INDUSTRIES in Newcastle. It was made in Spain and has only done 95 km so far. Today I rode 55 km at an average of 24 km/hr. Pretty good for an old bloke like me. (It was pretty windy!)

The guys at TWO WHEEL INDUSTRIES were great. Marek fitted me out and put the bike together. I can really recommend them. They gave me a good deal and discounts on everything I bought, like speedo, bottle cages, pedals, pump and seat bag.

It is a lovely bike! Now Fay can go out and buy a new sewing machine!

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