Gra Nomad Wanderings

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Truly it's a season to give thanks. In North America they're big on THANKSGIVING. Here, not so much. Great having LJ, his Mum Deb and my brother Bill (out from Canada) enjoying a spa).

And the food that we consume..... yeah, we're grateful for that too!

Look at these neat cicada shells! (Good photo Bill.) We get heaps of these during our summer.

The grandkidsenjoyed finding them and attaching them to their shirts.

A friend Luke is becoming a GREAT photographer, in the mould of Ken Duncan. He's been taken under Ken's wing. Is it any wonder??? This was taken at Nora Head.

Tadpole hunting. Successful!

All Deb's boys go for a stroll..... without their parents!!

This is what the littlest bloke looks like (when he's not crying or checking up!!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Nan does like a cuddle in the morning. Here, 2 small boys come to the rescue!

Yes, I'm proud to say I've just been selected for the 3rd Test against the Poms!!! Unreal!!!

This bloke has the "I mean business" look about him. I can assure you, he knows what he wants, and often gets it!

This bloke likes the aerials. Maybe he'll take up ski jumping or something!!

See what I mean? How come kids have this much fun?

There is another kid, but he's still zero - can't go riding the slide just yet. Give him time.