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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is typical Flinders Ranges. Just beautiful. That's the edge of Wilpena Pound. We did a big walk yesterday - 2:30 hrs. We were stuffed afterwards. Mind you I did cycle 40 km in the morning. This is in South Australia of course.

Taken early this morning.... well, not that early actually.
Think they're gonna kick us out to make room for all the people from Adelaide. I can't believe they would do this. I'll have a chat with Marie-Anne who booked us in yesterday. Maybe if I smile at her.....

Love the rock strata. Cool!

Can you spot the tourists having a rest? We only did a 1 hour walk today plus driving through this same gorge - Bunyeroo Gorge.

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Monday, March 29, 2010


Jamestown is about 300 km north of Adelaide. Gorgeous place! If you go there, you've gotta eat at Table 47 on Ayr Street (main street). If you came across it in Glebe or Glenelg or Dubbo, you'd be wrapt!! It is dead neat! Top food. Fantastic service. Coffee excellent. Creative meals or snacks. Thanks Claire.

A great quilting place is Charlene's. (Elaine is the boss there!) Think Fay coulda spent the whole arvo there!! She did go back for a 2nd dig!

Pity Jo, Robyn, Liz, Jane and Jenny etc weren't here. The crafty sew-and-sews from Dubbo would've loved it. Maybe Bruce wouldn't have been impressed!!!

Drop in for an ale at the Magpie and Globe! Real friendly folk here in Jamestown.

Not sure what this building is. Love the tree in the foreground. The building looks like a bank eh?
How's this for a house? Maybe this is where Peter Pan lives now.

This is maybe 150 km south of the Flinders Ranges... Wilpena Pound etc. We're off there tomorrow. Currently staying in Hawker with the other 490 residents.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Had a heap of fun just spinning along with other tandem teams. Of course no team is quite as quick as Team Keast.... but they're doin' ok! Here are 3 teams on the Reisling trail at Clare.

This stuff is a big feature round here. Doesn't matter where you look or where you pedal.... there'll be another winery!!

Fay and I wore our North West Tandem Rally bike shirts from Corvallis, 2006. That was a heap of fun over in Washington state.

Today we wore our North West Tandem Rally shirts from "Rollin' On The River" at Spokane in 1998. That was great fun too, thanks Michael and Eileen and others.

Here Margaret D and Bronwyn L and others have done a top job (once again) of organising our annual rally here in Oz. Thanks guys.

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Friday, March 26, 2010


The 14th Annual Aussie Bike Friday gathering is taking place at Clare in SA. Just beautiful here. Fay and I do enjoy our Tandem Two'sDay. It's name is Banana Split! Made in Oregon, USA. [Plenty of vineyards round here... which means plenty of wineries!]

There are 115 cyclists here to enjoy this part of the country. One guy (who is a pilot from Colorado) is still waiting for his wife and son to join him. They're stuck in Denver amidst a heap of snow!!! There are single Bike Fridays and tandem Bike Fridays. All made in Eugene, Oregon.

Peter "Kooka" Berra comes out to join us each year and to fly the flag for the company. He also fixes bikes, does a folding demo and anything else you want him to do! A great guys is our "Kooka"! Thanks for coming out again Peter.

Just one of the many tandems here at Clare. We've been up and down the Reisling Trail (a rail trail) and also done a bit of bitumen work as well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here's the bridal party. Relaxed bunch eh?

Now the Keast Team... along with their newest member.... Julia Catherine Keast. (JCK)

Fay, Jem, Julia, Rob (celebrant), Grahame. Julianne (Rob's wife) took this photo.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010


What a gorgeous bride! What a cool groom! Even the celebrant was a neat bloke (sorry Rob, don't have a photo as yet!)
The blokes did a great job of standing in the heat for so long... most in coats! Here Max straightens the team up a little. "Just back a bit Kimball!"

The night time action was pretty good too! Even if they couldn't get the lanterns to line up properly!

Here's the Keast clan relaxing.
Thanks Pat (Fay's sister from Goulburn) for these photos. Much appreciated.

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Friday, March 19, 2010


Well, I may not have 'em in the right order, but you get the picture eh?

Tomorrow Jeremy will marry his sweetheart Julia! Cool! Hot! Neat! Great!

Really looking forward to the "big event". Hopefully will get some photos up afterwards.

As I'm putting this on, we're about to head to Sydney for this auspicious occasion.

Words fail me! (Doesn't happen often.)

May they have as much enjoyment and fun as Fay and I have had..... we've been truly blessed for over 42 years now.

Praise the Lord.


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