Gra Nomad Wanderings

Saturday, August 30, 2014


 Enjoyed a great cruise with Carnival Spirit to New Caledonia. Departed Sydney 12 August.
 The ship had heaps of activities and facilities. Pools, spas, shows, trivia quizzes...
 ...face painting...even found the odd 2 year old butterfly.
 Lovely being waited on. Great tucker, exotic drinks...
...even chess for chess players! "No, Owen, you can't move that one!" 
 Ice cream was available. Full stop. Became staple diet.
 Some of our team learnt how to fold towels into animals.
 Some just enjoyed the run of the ship.
 ...despite the extreme wind towards the end of our cruise.
 Here's the full Macca Team preparing for a trivia quiz. Brendan (in blue) won three of them!
 The team was wonderfully looked after by our cabin steward, Pande. A great way to relax. Thanks Team Carnival for helping us to have such a great time. And, nobody got sick!! Well almost nobody, eh Cher?