Gra Nomad Wanderings

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's really great catching up with folk in so many ways. We

  • went round to David & Maureen's for a barbie on Saturday
  • Joy has been with us (as per every other year) for this week
  • Deb(daughter) and the 3LP (three little pigs) are here for a few days
  • had a barbie tonight and had Beth n Barry and Jan Smart come and join us... AND Beth n Barry's eldest son, Paul, fresh from WA. 
After they go, things'll be a bit quieter round her for a bit. Looks like Christmas Day will be just Fay and I, though daughter Deb and her family will get back here Christmas night for a couple of sleeps.

We've had quite a bit of fun these last few days. Makes you think about people who WON'T be connecting with family at this time. Bit sad.

 Here we have the advent calendar (a la Debs) being "opened".

 And Skype is great! We chatted with Bro Bill from Vancouver Island and Jenny in Seattle. Also chatted with Marion Giddy. Now Jan's Skype setup problem has been rectified (guess who did that???) and Joy is hooked up to Skype as well. Excellent.

Even the dominoes were in a party mood!

 Barry Robbo and Beth were in great form.... as always.

 Great to have Jan, Joy and Debs here to help us party!

 ...and Paul Robbo! That was a surprise! Good to see you big fella!

Yeah... Fay and I love having people pop in.... be it planned or unplanned. Hey.... I missed Smarty though.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 Yeah, guess some folk think I'm a big kid at times.

 I love Marg K and KB.... in that order!

 Oh... there I am.... and there she is below!

 Honey Bunny! It was on a Merc or a BMW too!

 No comment.

 Notice it's on a Cadillac!

 Think USA beat England 3-1 in a soccer game. 

Great golf Bill!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yep, that is the question.

 The Peugeot on the left is the new 3008, while the one on the right is our three year old 307.

 This one looks decidedly like a Wombat! It's owned by friend Tracey. Has similar 2 Litre turbo diesel motor as ours 307. Cheap to run and they go like the wind.

Yeah, it does look a bit like a wombat doesn't it? The 3008 is a bit higher off the ground and has a  versatile "boot" compared with our more conventional station wagon configuration.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

“Bike For Bibles” Christmas TV special

Channel 7,  25 December 2011
11.30 am in most states, 11 am in WA
 (please check your local guide)