Gra Nomad Wanderings

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 It's not all beer and skittles cycling along Sussex Inlet Rd from the highway to the town of Sussex Inlet.

 In places there is no bitumen white line, let alone shoulder. Yes, this is extremely dangerous.

 Here, the generous shoulder makes way for NO SHOULDER! You can see there is a reasonable amount of traffic on the road.

When riding the Sussex Inlet Rd, one has to ride WITH THE TRAFFIC. Not all drivers are understanding of the cyclists' plight.
Wouldn't it be great to have a cycle path out to the highway?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


 The first year of school is so important. Kids need to enjoy the experience, develop confidence in themselves and with all whom they interact. They have so much to learn in such a short time.
It's really important that they have family who will listen and support them - sometimes pretty hard when there's a bunch of other kids at home, maybe Dad's after a promotion and Mum's trying to do a part-time job. Of course the extended family can also be helpful. It's quite amazing what they tell their grandparents as they walk to and from school. It's OK LJ, what happens on the walk to school stays on the walk to school!
Values are passed on to young children by parents, teachers and schoolmates. What a privilege to be part of this young guy's development. What proud grandparents.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


 The water level is pretty high right now. We need the water to break through to the ocean. Part of the shared pathway is under water, including part of the boardwalk.

 This is the first wombat I've seen here in Cudmirrah. When cars hit wombats they can do quite a bit of damage to the undercarriage. Guess the wombat isn't too happy either!

A shot from the bridge in Sussex. Serene!