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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here's our rig. Mitsubishi Pajero with 3.2 L turbo diesel engine and 5 speed auto. It just loves to pull the avan (Matilda.) This was at Miles towards the end of our Qld trip.

One of fay's many tasks when travelling is to close up the avan. She's in there somewhere...

Nearly there Fay. Is the fridge door secured for travel? We've had the avan since the end of 2001. It's coming up to 10 years old.

Here we are all closed down and ready to do the last bit of the journey... through to Dubbo (about 700 km) where we spent a few days before continuing on to Sussex via Cowra and Goulburn. Now Matilda is clean, tidied, washed, dried and tucked away in its spot.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The photos for this entry have been confiscated by the bureau of XXXXXXXXXXX. (See, even that's confidential!)
We have had a great time so far..... BUT..... in keeping with current TV reality programs, we had to vote somebody off the VAN TRIP. So.... we have counted your votes and yesterday, we had to say goodbye to one member of the team.
Sadly, that person was......
Yes, our trip continues WITHOUT Julianne. This just shows how important your votes are! Please get them in before the next "cull". If you wanna vote for Fay.... or Rob or whoever.... get your vote in NOW!
Those who are left are in Yeppoon. Tomorrow we will head to Miles (probably). There are other options. We do need to get back to NSW as we've heard things aren't going too well there. Like weather is cool, wet and all that sorta stuff. People are leaving the country, people are moving house etc. One person has foot and mouth disease.... just to name but a few of the problems they are facing down there.
I'll get back to you..... maybe with photos.....

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Porcupine Gorge is just 74 km out of Hughenden. It has this huge magic triangular shaped rock looking along the gorge.

Our party took about 30 minutes to walk down into the gorge. We declined the swim option.

Fay loves this gorge walking. Can you see the triangular section above my head?

Julianne and Rob made it down and back.

Nearby was another lookout. Here the gorge has quite steep sides.

There were even barramundi in the rock pools! Where is Jimmy Smart when you need him?
Next stop Charters Towers and then Airlie Beach (Whitsundays.)

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


So, what model Holden is this? What year? So, how old does that make it? One of the relics found in Winton. Yes, after Longreach comes Winton. The town of bush poetry. The scene of my last recital I believe. Winton has about 900 people.

These dinosaur tracks are maybe 95 million years old. Don't think that Holden was around then.
These tracks were at Lark Quarry, about 100+ km outa Winton.

This big fella is in a shed (poor bloke, no wonder he doesn't look happy) in Hughenden. Think he's a Muttaburrasaurus.

Doesn't matter where you go you can find a sunset. The land was pretty flat out of Hughenden.... but I found a bit of scrub.
Tomorrow Porcupine Gorge - 60 km out of Hughenden. Then we head towards Charters Towers.

Saturday, August 06, 2011


This Cobb & Co coach was built in 1994. It comes out for processions etc. It's housed at Surat (just south of Roma) which was a changing station for Cobb & Co. in the old days.

One week down – two to go!

We’ve been through Newcastle, Narrabri, Roma, Barcaldine and now Longreach. (From NSW to Qld). We’ve travelled 2,000 km and seen a fair bit of country already. We’ve seen roos, emus, brolgas, dead pigs and a bunch of other assorted birds. Spent about $474 on diesel fuel and $160 on accommodation so far.

After this state being so wet recently with widespread flooding, tornadoes etc, the place is now extremely dry.Remember Qld is larger than Texas.

The next few days will see us wander through Winton, Hughenden and Charters Towers. From there it’ll be head south – we’re just not too sure which way. You can Google any of those places.

Today we visited the Stockman’s Hall of Fame; really quite a landmark here in Longreach.

Yesterday (in Longreach), we chatted with a barista who was making our coffee. Turns out she was from Canada. Where I asked. Vancouver Island she replied. Where on Vancouver Island? Would you believe COMOX! She comes from a small town a bit north of where bro Bill lives. In fact we were in Comox just 1 month ago.

Sure is great to be out caravanning once again. It’s laid back, you meet a bunch of interesting people, you see things and places that you’d otherwise not see (or do.) And it’s good to travel with a bunch – even a small one of 8. You just need to be mindful of others as decisions are made and understanding as some folk do their own thing here and there. No hassle. Tonight we’re going out as a group to RSL here in Longreach.

Tell you more in a few days’ time. Maybe when we reach Airlie Beach.

Here Bernie checks out some specials at ACE Drapery in Roma. Ya gotta see it to believe it!

These toilets at Morven (180 km west of Roma) helped decorate the place.

We enjoyed our stay at Barcaldine. These 2 brolgas were around to say cheerio to us as we departed for Longreach.

Wellshot was the name of a large pastoral holding and also the name of the town till they changed it to Ilfracombe. The pub had a whole bunch of hats pinned to the walls, with names of owners neatly attached.

Here's our gang (minus me of course) having happy hour.
When we visited Stockmans Hall of Fame in Longreach, Luke (pictured here), told us a bunch of yarns, did some riding and gave us a good intro/background to the Outback.

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