Gra Nomad Wanderings

Friday, December 26, 2014


 JHK - has enjoyed his Christmas at Cuddy.
 Mr Happy. Unfortunately he's been unwell.
Below is Miss Sunshine 2014! A newie!
Good to see J&J relax down here. 
Here's Mr Solicitor. Aged 4. 
The archaeologist 2014. Our snr grandson.
Think the 'stache suits him! He's a people person.
The hosts - G and F. 
B&D enjoying the time down south. 
Glad Pete and Jon could make it with their little cherub.  
Here's the snr member of the team! Yep, WJ himself. 
Nearly forgot the little princess. She has been unwell also. 
How blessed we are to have our 3 kids and their families here. 
And of course Unkabill!
We have eaten extremely well, 
watched some test cricket 
and now it's nearly time
to go out and have a game 
in the back yard. Or go for A SWIM!