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Monday, July 18, 2011


Good to catch up with our #1 grandson, LJ. Cool guy. The studious type! And my, that hair!!!

#2, Owen, got right into the hockey scene with his new Vancouver Canucks' stick. He could be playing NHL in a couple of years' time.

#3 - Connor - maybe a racing car driver by the looks of things. He's getting to know us all over again. I do love this photo of him.

And here's the precious #4! Jack. Yeah.... he's a keeper! Think Nan has the touch.

Even Fa got a cuddle. Won't be long and he'll probably have more hair than his grandfather!

Celebrating with a champagne with Julia and Jeremy. Much to celebrate and be thankful for.
How blessed we are! How truly blessed.
Expect to be in own bed tomorrow night. In the meantime, we're soaking up time with the family.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Over 100 years in bloom - they say! Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. On the island.

I took over 70 photos.... but not this one!

I think this crimson rose was called CHEVY CHASE. Small, bunched and beautiful.

It's a very popular tourist spot in Canada.

I'm gonna get into the gardening (Sue Dicko will be shocked!) when I get home. I want to grow some HELIOTROPE and ZONAL GERANIUM (PELARGONIUM) with some DUSTY MILLER. See, I know what I'm talkin' about!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


The organisers, Tom Krall, Dave & Barb Tribe etc, did a FABULOUS job in making the party such a resounding success. About 70 people enjoyed the fun and festivities at the Nanaimo Golf Club on Friday to welcome Bill into the SEVENTIES CLUB.

Two of Bill's close mates that said a few words were Glenn Knappett and Brian Pettit (with Elena Knappett in the middle.) Glenn rents out houses (should that read rents outhouses???) while Brian is an ex schoolie having trained at WWTC in Oz. Thanks guys.

Dave Tribe had a few stories to tell, as did ex Aussie Peter Humphrey. Fran was more considerate to Bill.

Bill chatting to a couple of mates before the action started. Course is lookin' good Dicko!

Of course there was the cake to cut.

Here, CR joins Fay and I in a hilarious moment the next day.

Margaret came over from Oz to help celebrate. What else could a caring sister do! She's had a ball. No doubt the partying will continue for a few more days yet. Pity some of you other folk didn't make it.

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Saturday, July 09, 2011


We had a couple of days in beautiful Vancouver, before meeting Margaret (my sister) who had just flown across from Oz and then ...

... we caught the ferry across to Vancouver Island. This is where Bill lives in Nanaimo.

It wasn't long before we were at the CROW and GATE pub having a bit of refreshment.

Margaret and Fay enjoyed the food and the drink at this gorgeous pub (a rarity in Canada!) Just think - there are four Keasts on the island.... is that a record?

Duncan is the town of totems, and there are quite a few to photograph.

From there we went to Chemainus and checked out the fantastic murals for which they are famous. Here are just a couple.

Party Central this arvo as we help Bill celebrate another milestone. He wouldn't tell us how old he was.... so I had to do the maths!! He's still lookin' pretty good, even if one of his knees doesn't seem to always work as he'd like it to. Join the club Bill.
Special thanks to Knappetts and Pettits who've been just excellent hosts here. And we're not done yet!

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Monday, July 04, 2011


We've left the snake country behind and reached Seattle.

Even managed a couple of bike rides with Monte! Excellent. Thanks Monte!

Some blokes have a bird in every port (I believe) - I have a bike in every port! Here's my Seattle Rodriguez.

Nordstrom is a great store. It has a great history too.

I ran into a bit of personal trouble here in Seattle. Three against one isn't fair I was always told. We did have a great time with Krogs and a lovely BBQ with Jen & Richard. (Jen was a Smart for Bernie's benefit.) Two of the above are Smarts' grandsons!

Now it's off to Vancouver where we've settled into the Kingston on Richards. Very comfortable and right where the action is. In fact this is about where the vandalism and rioting took place after the Stanley Cup hockey finals recently. We'll have 2 sleeps here.

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