Gra Nomad Wanderings

Sunday, November 12, 2017


 Marion and Sue at a quiet BBQ on Thursday evening. Wagga Beach Caravan Park was an ideal choice.
 Janice and Bernie busy with the cooking.

 Catch up yarns with Lucie and Suzi while the blokes do the cooking! 

 Tucker looks pretty good for Fay and Grahame.

 Graeme O'B explains how it actually was back in 1964.

 Doug's too busy eating to waste time on photos.

 Fay and Suzi enjoying the afternoon sun. 

 Here's one of the generals! Our Marion. 

 Judy got into the singing too. 

Jan, Janice and Lucie after some lunch on Saturday. 
Also there were Wrights, Lamberts, Gra/Margaret Brown
and Barry/Annette Lawrence. Of course there were a 
bunch of 1964-65 folk too.