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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Somehow I missed out on putting this photo in! Sorry about that. There's Jeff from Dubbo and Russell and his daughter Syan from Ourimbah. Great that they can still smile after riding in the rain and getting soaked!

Pam and Luka arrive back from their Bike for Bibles ride at Yeoval. This was a huge ride for Pam! There were 22 riders involved in the BFB rides on Sat and Sun. Not in the photos: Adam and his 2 girls, Mark & Rosie from Bathurst and Ian from Dubbo.

Deb and her two boys rode both days. Owen (smallest) rode 27km Sat and 20 Sun, while Deb and Logan did 40 km Sat and 20 km Sunday. A great effort.

Graham and Graeme (you can work out which one is which) managed to ride in the rain on Sunday. Didn't seem to worry either of these guys. One's from Nowra and one's from Narrabri.

Jim (Sydney) and Levi (Nowra) look a bit spent! But they enjoyed it all the same.

Well done Joshua and Heidi. Josh had a quicker ride on Sat than he did on Sunday. A great family day on Sunday. Josh is the other half of Pam and Josh from Parkes.

Janet and Andrew came from Cudal for the ride. They drive a Pug! Janet is saddling up for the BFB weeklong ride in October where they'll ride from Goulburn to Cooma, all around that area and then back to Goulburn.

Geoff, Grahame (note correct spelling) and Justin the legend from Orange. Great to have Geoff ride as he is usually a road support bloke. We stayed at the Baptist Church, Yeoval. Thanks folks. The church made a generous donation to BFB as well.

As per the previous couple of years, there were hundreds of people (including kids) who rode in the Mulga Bill ride today - Sunday 26 July - despite the rain!

Last but not least - the important people - our roadies. They support us as we ride and they feed us when we stop (and they even babysit a bit too.) It's that simple. Lyn, Marie, Mary and Fay. Thanks ladies for the great work you did over the weekend to support us riders.

Jim Blaxland is the ride coordinator. If you're interested in a BFB ride or want to know what rides are available in 2010, just contact Jim - 02 9525 8158 or Great!

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Monday, July 20, 2009


If you check out the dictionary, and look between fingering and finicking you'll find finial. There's Jon fitting it to the apex of our roof. He also painted the white bit (tricky) while the light green stuff got painted the dark green. The dark green got another coat too. Thanks heaps Jon.

Here's Pete painting the finial before it goes up into place. Thanks Pete. I'm sure the painting experience will help with your efforts at home.

Logan is more interested in cooking with Pete than mucking around with the finial. Here they are churning out pasta. Delicious.

Owen couldn't care less about the finial or the cooking - he wasn't invited on either team!

It was great to have those members of the family visit that could get here. That was special. I hope there'll be many more such visits.


It's been a beaut July so far. Just think, 40 years since man walked on the moon! Cool! Happy birthday Ann Lawrence. She was born on that day!!!

We've had all 3 kids come visit (Deb, Peta, Jeremy), plus 1 son-in-law (Jon, we have 2), 2 grandkids (Logan and Owen), 2 grand-dogs (Dinah and Muttley) and a lovely lady Julia that Jeremy brought down here. She can definitely come again! My sister Margaret also came to check things out. Today we're expecting brother Alan and his wife Jenny and their 16 year old daughter Jemma. Another visitor this week will be Ian from Dubbo. He's one very special bloke. He's keen to give us a hand in the garden. Thanks Ian.

We don't seem to be doing too well in sport at present. Cadel Evans in Tour de France is about 4 minutes behind the leader, the Wallabies lost to the All Blacks in rugby over the weekend, and England are in a commanding place in the 2nd cricket test at Lords. At least NSW bat Michael Clarke (above... did you think that was Ian?) is putting up some resistance with a century. (Sorry if somebody from the US - like Kathi - is reading this. Best just to disregard stuff like "Lords", "cricket", "fine leg" etc.)

Fay and I joined another 30+ friends at a gathering at Kellyville (Sydney) over the weekend. It was ex Wagga Teachers College folk from 63-64 era and their spouses. You'd have fitted in easily Dicko!! Marion (hostess) had 1 motor home, 2 caravans and 3 avans in her back yard! Don't worry, we could have accommodated way more than that on her huge house block. Great party! Top bonfire! Great hostess. Photo above shows just some of the group getting into some tucker. Weather was very pleasant. Remember it is winter here in Oz!
Off to Yeoval/Dubbo next weekend.... plus a few days into the following week. The Mulga Bill weekend is in Yeoval. However we are expecting August to be VERY QUIET. Feel free to pop in. Just give us a ring to make sure we're home.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This very colourful parrot comes regularly.

He has a whole bunch of mates who usually join him.

Greg (plumber) and Mick (kitchen man) did a great job. As you can see, they are both very good-looking blokes. Fay's Fisher and Paykel dishwasher has now been installed. If you need a plumber or a carpenter, go no further!

Jeremy and Julia celebrated 6 months of togetherness! It was great to have them come visit.

Pete and Jon and their hounds are here for a week. They've given the new house their stamp of approval.
Highlights (there were many) included the reading of Jeremy's poem when Pete turned 21 and of course Jeremy's year 5 diary!! You might see it advertised on eBay, but you probably won't have enough money to bid on it. Who'd a thought it would have caused so much hilaritynearly twenty years after being written?

Friday, July 10, 2009


This roo just wandered in and made himself comfortable this week. He will be disappointed when he returns to find his way blocked by a new fence!

Alistair from MAL SMITH DOORS in Ulladulla did a great job putting in the 2 roller doors. Now we can drive cars in without somebody holding the tilt-a-door up to ensure we can squeeze in. Thanks Alistair.

You might also be able to see the broken finial at the top (pointy bit) on the roof. Hopefully Jon (son-in-law) might be able to put a new one in next week.

Good tradesmen are welcome round here. Alistair has been MAL SMITH DOORS for about 20 years. He sure looked pretty professional.

Chris and Odette from GREENSEEN LANDSCAPES did a great job putting in the fence to:
  • keep that kangaroo out and
  • keep Peta and Jon's dogs in.

Roller doors in the background look great! As long as bikes can get through the gate Chris. Yep, no worries.

Fay was on hand to ensure everything was done in accordance with expectations. Think we'll get them back again to do some landscaping in which they are both experts. They're just getting into the fencing scene. Well done FLINNS.

Guess what? The shop is finally open at last! About time. Previous one burnt down. We stopped in and had a coffee there today. That's my mate Jet beside the red mailbox.

Looking forward to Jeremy and Julia's visit today and then Peta and Jon tomorrow. Then Deb and her 2 little men are due on Tuesday. Big celebrations here for sure. Maybe I owe Chinese!!

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