Gra Nomad Wanderings

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


 It doesn't really take much to make an old bloke happy. 
If one of his grandkids smiles... well, that about does it! 
Even this two year old smiles occasionally. 
BUT, don't take her to the park and expect smiles!  
She is 2. 

 This bloke has been renamed (by me) Mr Happy! He's not 
always this happy, but take him for a ride on the skytrain
at Katoomba and this is what will most likely happen! 
He is 3. 

She asked me to take this photo. Then she turned the other cheek
 and I had to photograph that also. Doesn't look it, but she is quite 
strong-willed. I thought my own kids were a handful! Good luck!
She is JUST 4.

Why wouldn't he be happy? With his hat (one of a couple he 
wore over the weekend), and riding a horse! He had a good 
time playing with his cousins. He seemed to enjoy the outdoors - 
something this grandfather is keen to encourage.  How blessed
do I feel with these critters! And I have three older ones too! 
He is 5.